SALOME is an open-source software that provides a generic platform for Pre- and Post-Processing for numerical simulation.

The EPXDATA module is dedicated to the interactive design of EPX datasets, using menus and dialog boxes built from the syntax of the EPX directives in the User's Manual. The data are affected to the mesh data provided by the SMESH module of the SALOME platform.

The EPXDATA module is compatible with the SALOME-MECA platform, derived from the generic SALOME platform and dedicated to numerical simulation in mechanics. SALOME-MECA provides an execution module for EPX (basically named EPX), complementary to the EPXDATA module and designed to manage studies based on existing datasets, built within SALOME or not.


  EPXDATA v1.0.0 (september 2013) EPXDATA v1.1.0 (december 2013)
Compatibility SALOME versions < 7.x.x SALOME versions >= 7.x.x
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EPX version 2014.0 EPX version 2015.0 EPX version 2016.0


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