EPX is compatible with the MEDFile format for meshes and results.

For EPX versions > 2014.0, all executables are statically linked with the MED library (and HDF5 library).

EPX Version MEDfile library HDF5 library
2016.0 3.0.7 1.8.10


For EPX 2013 version, the correct executable must be installed and the MED library ( > v3.0.0) must be available on the system.

The MEDFile v3 library can be obtained from the SALOME et SALOME-MECA platforms or individually using the following download link (requires the prior installation of the HDF5 library).

EPX logo is available for download in both vectorial and raw/png formats (color and monochrome).

The main EPX parallel framework is based on automatic domain decomposition and MPI communications between subdomains (one subdomain per MPI process).

The provided EPX // executables are designed to work with IntelMPI and OpenMPI under Linux and MacOS X, and IntelMPI under Windows (see here for more details about the available implementations).

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