This is the free EPX version for academics, accessible through direct download.

It is available for sequential or parallel simulations, but is limited to test and evaluation, with a maximum number of 20 000 structural elements and 200 000 fluid elements.

Current version is EPX 2016.0 (built on October, 15th, 2015)

This is the free EPX version for academics, with full content and features.

The access will be granted by means of a license file unlocking all the functionalities of the EPX Education and Research version after the reception of a signed form containing the same License Agreement as for the EPX Education and Research Light version and a description of the scientific area of use of the program.

Current version is EPX 2016.0 (built on October, 15th, 2015)

Information on the installation host are needed to provide the suitable license file (see below for instructions about the license).

This is the free EPX version for academics, with full content and features and restrained development tools.

This version is dedicated to collaborative research between one academic laboratory and one member of the EPX Consortium. A partial access to EPX source code is granted and therefore, a licence agreement positioning intellectual property must be signed between the research partners.

A template of the agreement must be downloaded and filled in with specific elements from the laboratory, i.e. technical contacts, scientific framework and objectives, description of the partnership with the member of the EPX Consortium... The proposal of agreement must then be sent to CEA (address in the template document) for instruction by the EPX Consortium.

In case of a positive answer (within one month after the reception of the proposal), the licence agreement will be signed by the EPX co-owners and the laboratory. As the signature procedure starts, the development tools and the needed partial source code, estimated from the technical elements given in the proposal, will be installed on one station or server of the laboratory.

This is the licensed EPX version for industrials.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain the complete offer and ask for a quote. Following the acceptance of a quote, the signature of License Agreement establishing the General Sales Conditions (in particular, the access conditions to the support) is required. An example of such conditions is given below.

Current version is EPX 2017.0 (built on October, 21th, 2016)


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